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AAT Processing Times

Appealing a visa refusal at the AAT.

Lodged a visa appeal and wondering how long it will take? If you’re planning to appeal a visa decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), you’ll probably want to know how long your wait will be. Waiting to have your case heard can be agonising and the length of time that you’ll be in limbo depends on a number of factors, including the type of case and when your case is given to a decision-maker for review. The AAT recently published processing times for decisions made over the last six months and it makes difficult reading for anyone expecting a […]


PR Pathway for Retirement Visa Holders

Couple applying for Australian parent visa

From 17 November 2018, holders of Retirement (subclass 410) and Investor Retirement (subclass 405) Visas will have a pathway to Australian permanent residency. Background Introduced over 35 years ago, these visas were designed for retirees over the age of 55 who had a set income and wanted to retire in Australia. However, the visas were only temporary and – until now – did not lead to PR. Applications for both of these retirement subclasses have now closed, but there are still thousands of people living in Australia who hold Retirement and Investor Retirement Visas. Pathway to PR The Government announced […]


Major Working Holiday Visa Changes Announced

Backpacker working on a farm in Australia

  The Government has announced changes to its working holiday visa program aimed at supporting farmers and attracting more backpackers to regional areas. People on subclass 417 and 462 visas will soon be able to stay in Australia for up to three years, provided they meet new regional work conditions. This represents one of the biggest ever overhauls of the popular program. Key Working Holiday Visa Changes: 1. Working holiday visa holders will be able to work for the same agricultural employer for a year instead of just six months. This is great news for anyone wanting to prolong their […]


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