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Medicare on a Visa

Medicare for Visa Holders If you’re applying for an Australian visa, you’re probably wondering what your healthcare entitlements are. Australia has an excellent public health system, but not all visa holders are covered by Medicare. Some people are required to purchase private health insurance and maintain coverage during their time in Australia. Once you become a permanent resident or Australian citizen you are entitled to free access. Until then, it’s a little more complicated. Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements Australia has reciprocal healthcare arrangements in place with some countries. This means that visitors or visa holders from these places may be able to […]


Why the Cost of Living in Australia is Often Overblown

If your heart is set on moving  Down Under on a permanent basis, don’t let horror stories about the cost of living in Australia put you off. In the past few years, Aussie cities have regularly featured in the top ten of Global Cost of Living Indexes, but times have changed. Indeed, the latest Cost of Living Rankings report produced by Mercer – which was published in July 2014 – showed that Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have slipped way down the list of most expensive cities. What has happened? According to Mercer, the local currency has depreciated against the US […]