So you’re on your 457 visa and moving towards the date where you can apply for permanent residency (PR) on a 187 or 187 visa, through the Temporary Resident Transition (TRT) stream.

You love your job and your employer wants to keep you, so it should be a piece of cake, right?



Many 457 visa holders assume that as long as they have worked on a 457 visa for two years, they are eligible to apply for PR.

There is a lot more to it, so we’re sharing some of the assumptions we hear and how they trip people up.

My 457 visa was granted on 10 December 2013 so I’m going to lodge my PR application on 10 December 2015.

Did you actually start working on the 457 visa on the day of grant?
Have you taken any unpaid leave on your 457 visa?
Have you been paid the salary stated in your nomination?

I have transferred my visa to a new employer but I am still on the same 457 visa and it’s over two years now.

Did your current sponsor have a change of ownership?
Are you working in the same job, same location and on the same pay?
Have you moved to a different location in the same company?
Did you transfer your 457 visa to a totally different company? And if so, on what date?

My employer doesn’t have apprentices so we can’t meet the training requirement.

Are there Australians in the business who attend training courses or conferences?
Is there someone in the business who trains people are a key part of their job?
Does your employer know they can make a donation to an approved training institution to meet the training benchmark requirement?

I got promoted whilst on my 457 visa.

Are you still doing the main tasks of the nominated occupation?
How does your role fit into the organisation?
Do you hold full licencing or registration in your occupation, if required in your state?

I met someone and I want to include them in my PR application.

Are you two living together?
Are you able to register the relationship in your state?
Did you know any children of either of you – whether included in the PR application or not – must pass the health check?

It’s not so much a piece of cake, as a number of ingredients that need to be sorted, checked and carefully put together. You may only get one shot at PR – don’t get burned.

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