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Partner Visa Refusals

Partner visa refusals

More than 10,000 applications were refused in 2016-17. A recent report by The Project shone a light on the struggle faced by the many Australian partner visa applicants who spend up to $7,000 on visa fees and face a wait of two years for a decision. Figures from the Department of Home Affairs quoted on the show revealed that 10,372 partner visa applications were refused in the year 2016-17. More recent figures pertaining to the last financial year are expected soon. What does this mean? There are several reasons why a partner visa might be refused. Very often, people are […]


Avoid Refusal – 7 Reasons to Use a Migration Agent

Man refused visa

With visa refusals up 46%, getting professional help with your application has never been more important. War is being waged. It was revealed last week that visa refusals are up by a staggering 46% in 2017/19, compared to the previous year. In an interview with the Today Show, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he’s focusing on “fraudulent claims” and “restoring integrity” to Australia’s border. That may well be the case, but plenty of legitimate applications are also being impacted by this increased scrutiny. The last time Australia’s immigration intake was this low, John Howard was our Prime Minister. We’re […]


TSS Visa Processing Times

Waiting for the TSS visa to be granted

  The TSS visa replaced the 457 visa earlier this year and the True Blue Migration team has already lodged several applications. Our agents are seeing much faster TSS visa processing times than the 457 visa, with some nominations coming through in just a day. If you’re planning to apply for a TSS visa in the near future, you’ll no doubt be wondering how long it takes and what you can do to speed up the process. Labour Marketing Testing is a Priority A nomination can’t be lodged until labour market testing has been done. At present, the job must be advertised […]


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