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Can I work whilst my partner visa is processing?

  An onshore 820 partner visa has a processing time of 12 – 15 months. Given this, it is crucial that you understand your work rights during this lengthy processing time.  If I lodge my partner visa whilst outside Australia, can I get a bridging visa to be with my partner? A bridging visa is only even associated with an application lodged whilst you are in Australia. A bridging visa is a ‘bridge’ between the visa you currently hold, and a decision being made on the visa you have applied for. If you are outside Australia and you lodge a […]


Moving to Australia? Don’t forget your four-legged friend

Bringing your dog to Australia

Travelling to Australia is pretty straightforward for us humans – just hop on a plane and relax until we arrive. Unfortunately, the process is a little more complex if you’re bringing a dog to Australia. If you’re migrating to Australia and want to bring your dog or cat along, you’ll need to adhere to strict import conditions. Our four-legged friends can present a biosecurity risk, so it’s essential to find out what import conditions apply to your particular pet. If you’re bringing a dog to Australia from New Zealand, Norfolk Island or the Cocos islands, you will not require a […]


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