There are lots of Migration Agents in Perth, so how do you decide which one is right for you?

True Blue Migration has offices in WA and Victoria, so we regularly assist clients in Perth and work with many Perth-based business owners that wish to sponsor overseas workers.

Our WA office is located just 30 minutes south of the city, but the majority of communication between clients and their agents takes place either by email or over the phone, so it is not always essential to attend an office in person. We work with clients as far away as the UK.

We’ve provided migration services to countless clients and businesses in Perth, including 457 applications, RSMS 187 visas, partner visas (like the 309 and 100) and parent visas. Will you be next?

Choosing a migration agent

Should you use a Migration Agent?

Many people opt to use a migration agent to lodge their visa application and give it the best possible chance of success.

Migration Agents are experts in Australian migration law and understand exactly what is required for each different visa subclass. Agents like those at True Blue Migration successfully manage and lodge visa applications every day and are up-to-date with legislation changes that may affect your eligibility.

Your Migration Agent can liaise with Immigration on your behalf, assist you in preparing your documents prior to lodgement and communicate with your employer to help them in becoming a Standard Business Sponsor. Most people who use a Registered Migration Agent agree that it’s highly beneficial and makes the whole process far less stressful than it might otherwise be.

Which migration agent is right for you?

When it comes to engaging the services of a migration agent in Perth, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Is the Agent MARA-registered? We really cannot stress how important it is that you use a Registered Migration Agent. We’ve all read horror stories in the newspapers about people using Agents that are not registered and who do not have authority to give advice on immigration matters – the outcome is never good. A MARA-registered Agent is bound by a code of conduct and will act in your best interests. Do not put your future at stake by using an unlicensed cowboy to manage your application. This is the first rule of choosing a Migration Agent!

2. Does the Agent have a high success rate? It’s important to ask the Agent what their success rate is like and how much experience they have in managing applications like yours. Larger agencies such as True Blue Migration lodge a variety of applications on a daily basis, but this may not be the case for smaller Migration Agents in Perth. They may only lodge a low volume of applications and might not have experience lodging applications for certain subclasses. It always pays to check.

3. Does the Agent have positive reviews? There is no hiding from the internet! Forums and websites such as the independent Migration Agent Review site are a valuable resource and a great way to view feedback from previous clients. True Blue Migration has a 5-star rating on the Migration Agent Review website and you will find dozens of reviews on there from our past clients. You may also find information on your Agent’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you find lots of feedback from disgruntled clients then it’s probably not wise to engage their services.

4. Does the Agent have a website and social media presence? Having a website and up-to-date Facebook profile means your Agent is likely to be accountable and easily contactable. Many clients leave comments and feedback on Facebook, so it’s worthwhile to scroll through your Agent’s business profile and find out what people are saying. You can also see how quickly your Agent responds to online queries. One of the most frustrating things for clients is not being able to make contact with their Agent and receive regular updates. Is your Agent working from a staffed office? Does your Agent respond promptly to comments and queries?

5. Is your Agent much cheaper than their competitors? The cheapest option is not always the best! If your Agent is offering to manage your application at a cut price rate then alarm bells should be ringing for you. An Agent will spend many hours working on your application and helping you to prepare your documents. If an Agent is offering to manage your visa at a very low price then it’s unlikely they will be giving it the time and effort you deserve. Use a reputable company that charges a fair price and you won’t go far wrong. Here at True Blue Migration, we don’t pretend to be the cheapest option, but we do not cut corners and your application will be given the best possible chance of success. We don’t have a 99% success rate for nothing!

If you do your homework properly, using a Migration Agent could be the best decision you ever make. Choose the wrong Agent and you may regret it. We hope this information has been helpful.

To chat to a Migration Agent about your eligibility or visit our office in Rockingham, call 08 6189 5333.