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Why the lure of living in Perth is increasingly hard to resist

Ask people to name 5 Australian cities, and there’s a fair chance that Perth will not be on the list. With the focus always on the eastern coast, many people forget that there is a vibrant and buzzing population on the opposite side of the country. Known for its stunning natural beauty, Perth has recently seen steep growth in migration and has become an incredibly popular location for people all over the world to flock to for work – whether they live in the hustle and bustle of the main city or commute over long distances. There’s no doubt that […]


Trades Skill Assessment – Major Update

    Many people are surprised at just how difficult it is to obtain a positive skill assessment. If you’ve been working as a self-employed plumber for the last few years then your assessment should be a breeze, right? WRONG! You need to meet strict requirements regarding the level and timing of your qualification and nature of your work experience. We’re contacted every week by people who have failed a trade skill assessment for one reason or another. Very often they’ve lodged the application themselves, without the guidance of an experienced migration agent and have fallen short of the strict […]


Your guide to celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Australia

It’s common knowledge that Australians know how to throw a party, but how do they compare with the Irish? Australia has a huge population of Irish residents – the country is now the third most popular destination for Irish citizens to move to, after the UK and the US. With such a large population living in Australia, Irish residents have developed a strong community. There are plenty of Irish bars, markets and Sydney even publishes a newspaper named the Irish Echo. Luke O’Neill, editor of the Irish Echo, told the Guardian in a 2013 interview that Ireland is the third […]


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