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An expat’s guide to securing a mortgage in Australia

It seems barely a day goes by without the subject of mortgages and home ownership in Australia being raised. Every month, we wait with bated breath as the Reserve Bank of Australia announces whether or not the national cash rate will be altered. Much of this depends on circumstances in the global economy, and as of December 2014, the rate remains at 2.5 per cent. This is on the low side, which is great news for people who are looking to get a foot on the property ladder. As a leading migration agent in Perth, True Blue is constantly being […]


Infographic – How to prepare for your first Australian Christmas

For many people, 2014 was an important milestone, as they made the big move Down Under. However, a lot of these migrants won’t have experienced an Australian Christmas before, so what can they expect? As a leading migration agent in Perth, True Blue is often asked by expats who have already relocated to Australia – whether temporarily or permanently – what they are likely to experience during the festive season. Those who have moved from the Northern Hemisphere are usually the most curious about Aussie Christmas traditions, as they simply cannot picture what it’s like to celebrate the holiday at […]