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Moving to Australia? Don’t forget your four-legged friend

Bringing your dog to Australia

Travelling to Australia is pretty straightforward for us humans – just hop on a plane and relax until we arrive. Unfortunately, the process is a little more complex if you’re bringing a dog to Australia. If you’re migrating to Australia and want to bring your dog or cat along, you’ll need to adhere to strict import conditions. Our four-legged friends can present a biosecurity risk, so it’s essential to find out what import conditions apply to your particular pet. If you’re bringing a dog to Australia from New Zealand, Norfolk Island or the Cocos islands, you will not require a […]


Changing Sponsors on a 457 Visa

Changing sponsors on a 457 visa is possible, but it must be done the right way. If you’ve been sponsored on a 457 visa, you may reach a point when you no longer want to work for your sponsoring employer. Perhaps you’ve been offered better pay for the same type of work or maybe you’re just unhappy with your employer. Whatever the reason, you must ensure that the transition between sponsors is smooth or you could risk breaching your visa conditions. Switching sponsors is not as easy as quitting your job on a Friday and starting a new job on […]


Australia is World’s Best Place to Live

Australia is the best country in the world to live. We’ve always know this, but now it’s official. A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranked the land Down Under as number one, with Norway following in second. Key indicators such as wellbeing, earning potential, employment and health services were taken into consideration when calculating the rankings. Overall, Canberra was named as the best city to set up home, with Sydney, Melbourne and Perth also making the top ten. Commenting on the results, the Canberra Times said the report: “Yet again confirmed what many Canberrans have […]


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