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Australian Sayings and Customs

  I’m just going to grab a sanga and a flat white for smoko…. Unless you were born in Australia or have lived here for a while, then chances are the above sentence means absolutely nothing to you. One thing you’ll need to get used to if you migrate to Australia is good ‘oul Aussie slang. The general rule of thumb here in Australia is that if a word can be shortened then it should be shortened. Those extra vowels and pesky consonants just get in the way! Afternoon becomes arvo, ambulances become ambos, Christmas becomes Chrissy…and…well, you get the […]


Labour Market Testing For 457 Visas

Confused by labour market testing? One of the recent changes to the Subclass 457 visa scheme is the requirement for employers to carry out labour market testing (LMT) prior to sponsoring an overseas worker. In a nutshell, this means you may need to publically advertise a job before you go ahead and sponsor someone. You’ve probably heard plenty of myths over the last month about LMT, so let us clear a few things up for you… The important thing to know is that LMT does not apply to every profession and there is some flexibility regarding what actually constitutes testing. […]