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Trades Skill Assessment – Major Update

    Many people are surprised at just how difficult it is to obtain a positive skill assessment. If you’ve been working as a self-employed plumber for the last few years then your assessment should be a breeze, right? WRONG! You need to meet strict requirements regarding the level and timing of your qualification and nature of your work experience. We’re contacted every week by people who have failed a trade skill assessment for one reason or another. Very often they’ve lodged the application themselves, without the guidance of an experienced migration agent and have fallen short of the strict […]


State Migration in Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia

If you’re planning to make the move Down Under then State migration could be the right option for you. Eligibility for State migration differs depending on what particular State you aim to live in. In this article we’ll be focusing on State migration in Western Australia. Why Western Australia? Home to some of the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, WA occupies around one-third of Australia’s overall land mass. The recent mining boom has seen workers from all over the world flock to Perth (the state’s capital) or Melbourne in search of career opportunities and a great lifestyle. Economically, it is one of […]


Labour Market Testing For 457 Visas

457 Visa

Confused by labour market testing? One of the recent changes to the Subclass 457 visa scheme is the requirement for employers to carry out labour market testing (LMT) prior to sponsoring an overseas worker. In a nutshell, this means you may need to publically advertise a job before you go ahead and sponsor someone. You’ve probably heard plenty of myths over the last month about LMT, so let us clear a few things up for you… The important thing to know is that LMT does not apply to every profession and there is some flexibility regarding what actually constitutes testing. […]


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