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TSS Visa Processing Times

Waiting for the TSS visa to be granted

  The TSS visa replaced the 457 visa earlier this year and the True Blue Migration team has already lodged several applications. Our agents are seeing much faster TSS visa processing times than the 457 visa, with some nominations coming through in just a day. If you’re planning to apply for a TSS visa in the near future, you’ll no doubt be wondering how long it takes and what you can do to speed up the process. Labour Marketing Testing is a Priority A nomination can’t be lodged until labour market testing has been done. At present, the job must be advertised […]


TSS Visa: An Employer Guide

Sponsoring an employee on an Australian visa

  The TSS visa (subclass 482) replaced the 457 visa earlier this year. Want to sponsor an overseas worker on a temporary visa? Currently employing a Working Holiday visa holder and want them to continue working for you? Depending on their skills and experience, you may be able to offer them sponsorship. The Temporary Skills Shortage (482) employer sponsored visa is designed to help Australian employers address labour shortages. This visa replaced the 457 visa earlier this year. Although there are some differences between the visa types, the application process follows similar steps. What you’re about to read sounds complicated, […]


Labour Market Testing for TSS Visa

If an Australian business is planning to sponsor you, they may need to carry out labour market testing (LMT) first. This means advertising the position so that Australians have the chance to apply before you nominate someone else. You might think listing a job on their company Facebook page or website is enough, but it’s not! Employers need to be very careful with LMT or risk a refusal. The Government has made it clear what meets their LMT requirements, and what won’t cut the mustard. LMT is a requirement for the TSS visa (482), which replaced the 457 visa earlier […]