State migration advice

State sponsorship in Victoria

If you’re planning to move to Australia but don’t meet the requirements for an independent skilled visa then State sponsorship in Victoria could be the answer.   How does it work in Victoria? The Victorian Government can nominate eligible overseas workers, provided they meet a set criteria and have skills required by the State. It’s important to note that a Government nomination is not an actual visa application, you will still need to apply for a visa via the normal channel once you have been nominated. A State nomination simply boosts your application, giving you a better chance of success. […]


State Migration in Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia

If you’re planning to make the move Down Under then State migration could be the right option for you. Eligibility for State migration differs depending on what particular State you aim to live in. In this article we’ll be focusing on State migration in Western Australia. Why Western Australia? Home to some of the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, WA occupies around one-third of Australia’s overall land mass. The recent mining boom has seen workers from all over the world flock to Perth (the state’s capital) or Melbourne in search of career opportunities and a great lifestyle. Economically, it is one of […]