What is a Visa skill assessment?

Working Holiday Visa – Tax Time Bomb

Australian tax reforms mean you’re going to lose A LOT of money… For many young people, the Australian Working Holiday Visa is a rite of passage. It’s an opportunity to venture out into the world and earn a few bob whilst soaking up the sun and meeting new people. Some people return home, some apply for a second Working Holiday Visa and some are offered sponsorship by an Australian employer. One thing that most Working Holiday Makers have in common – until now – is benefiting from a generous annual tax-free threshold of $18,200. But all that’s about to change… […]


Getting PR through TRT – easy or a trap?

So you’re on your 457 visa and moving towards the date where you can apply for permanent residency (PR) on a 187 or 187 visa, through the Temporary Resident Transition (TRT) stream. You love your job and your employer wants to keep you, so it should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong.   Many 457 visa holders assume that as long as they have worked on a 457 visa for two years, they are eligible to apply for PR. There is a lot more to it, so we’re sharing some of the assumptions we hear and how they trip […]


Understanding the 457 visa lingo!

  If you’re looking into being sponsored by an employer on a 457 visa, your head may be spinning! There are several buzz words surrounding 457 applications and we’ve explained them in simple terms. Standard Business Sponsorship (also known as “SBS”): The employer needs to obtain an SBS before you (or anyone else) can be sponsored by them. It may be offered for 12 months or three years, depending on how long the company has been in operation. Training benchmark: When applying for the SBS, the employer must meet the 457 visa training benchmark. They need to show that they […]


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