Here’s why you should consider Perth

Population Boom: What Does Perth’s Growth Mean for the City?


With beautiful coastlines, a rich cultural history and events throughout the year, it’s little wonder that people from all over the world are jetting Down Under to visit a city that has arguably flown under the radar a little until now. But it’s no longer just a holiday destination. Over the past few years, Perth has become an increasingly popular location for people all over the world to move to, settle down and start a new career. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown that Perth is actually the fastest-growing capital city in the country. The data also […]


Why the lure of living in Perth is increasingly hard to resist


Ask people to name 5 Australian cities, and there’s a fair chance that Perth will not be on the list. With the focus always on the eastern coast, many people forget that there is a vibrant and buzzing population on the opposite side of the country. Known for its stunning natural beauty, Perth has recently seen steep growth in migration and has become an incredibly popular location for people all over the world to flock to for work – whether they live in the hustle and bustle of the main city or commute over long distances. There’s no doubt that […]


Selecting a Migration Agent in Perth

Partner visa refusals

There are lots of Migration Agents in Perth, so how do you decide which one is right for you? True Blue Migration has offices in WA and Victoria, so we regularly assist clients in Perth and work with many Perth-based business owners that wish to sponsor overseas workers. Our WA office is located just 30 minutes south of the city, but the majority of communication between clients and their agents takes place either by email or over the phone, so it is not always essential to attend an office in person. We work with clients as far away as the […]


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