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TSS Visa Processing Times

Waiting for the TSS visa to be granted

  The TSS visa replaced the 457 visa earlier this year and the True Blue Migration team has already lodged several applications. Our agents are seeing much faster TSS visa processing times than the 457 visa, with some nominations coming through in just a day. If you’re planning to apply for a TSS visa in the near future, you’ll no doubt be wondering how long it takes and what you can do to speed up the process. Labour Marketing Testing is a Priority A nomination can’t be lodged until labour market testing has been done. At present, the job must be advertised […]


10 GIFs That Prove Living in Australia is Awesome


As a leading migration agent in Melbourne, True Blue is well placed to offer some valuable insight into what it’s like to live here. So without further ado, and with our tongues firmly in our cheeks, we present 10 reasons why Australia is awesome, as told by GIFs. The weather is glorious… all the time (Image courtesy of: Okay, so this may not be entirely true, but Australia is known for being incredibly warm pretty much all year round. While some countries find themselves slowly drowning in rainwater for 51 weeks out of 52, the Australians get to enjoy […]


Seven Things You Never Knew About Partner Visas

Australian partner visa facts you didn't know.

Found love with an Australian citizen or permanent resident? If you want to live with them in Australia, you may need to lodge a partner visa 309/100 application. Here are seven little-known facts about partner visas. Did you know that you can lodge an offshore spouse visa before you marry? It’s true. Although an onshore spouse visa required a couple to be married at the time of application, the migration law is different for offshore cases. It may be possible for you to lodge an offshore spouse visa before you are married to your partner. You would need marry offshore […]


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