Living in Australia

10 GIFs That Prove Living in Australia is Awesome


As a leading migration agent in Melbourne, True Blue is well placed to offer some valuable insight into what it’s like to live here. So without further ado, and with our tongues firmly in our cheeks, we present 10 reasons why Australia is awesome, as told by GIFs. The weather is glorious… all the time (Image courtesy of: Okay, so this may not be entirely true, but Australia is known for being incredibly warm pretty much all year round. While some countries find themselves slowly drowning in rainwater for 51 weeks out of 52, the Australians get to enjoy […]


Medicare on a Visa

Medicare for Visa Holders If you’re applying for an Australian visa, you’re probably wondering what your healthcare entitlements are. Australia has an excellent public health system, but not all visa holders are covered by Medicare. Some people are required to purchase private health insurance and maintain coverage during their time in Australia. Once you become a permanent resident or Australian citizen you are entitled to free access. Until then, it’s a little more complicated. Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements Australia has reciprocal healthcare arrangements in place with some countries. This means that visitors or visa holders from these places may be able to […]


Temporary Graduate Visa Guide

Applying for a Subclass 485 Visa? We Can Assist You. If you hold your first student visa and have recently completed a Bachelor degree or higher and wish to remain in Australia, you may be eligible for a 485 temporary graduate visa through the post-study work stream. This visa provides full work rights and is an excellent option for graduates wanting to gain post-qualification work experience in Australia. We’re proud to offer a no visa, no fee guarantee on this visa subclass and free consultations. If you’d like to discuss your eligibility, call us on (WA) 08 6189 5333 (VIC) […]


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