Parents on 457 visas in Perth and the rest of WA were given a temporary reprieve recently when it was announced that plans to introduce school fees for their children would be delayed until 2015.


WA Premier Colin Barnett also revealed that under the new policy, parents will pay $4,000 annually in fees for their first child and $2,000 for any subsequent children.


He described it as a “fair approach” and said families would have time to prepare for the rise between now and 2015.


Plans to introduce fees for the children of 457 visa holders attending state schools were met with a wave of criticism from migrants when announced earlier this year.


Writing in the Irish Times’ Generation Emigration blog, Claire Calvey said it would push many people to breaking point and suggested that families could be split up, with one parent remaining in Australia to work and the other parent returning to Ireland with any school age children.


Permanent residency


While the 457 visa is undoubtedly a very flexible and popular option for many workers, permanent residency in WA may be a more financially beneficial route for families with children – provided that a parent qualifies of course.


There are numerous routes to PR in Australia, some of which you may not even be aware of. You may qualify for an RSMS visa or an employer sponsored 186 visa.


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