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Your ultimate guide to making a successful 457 visa application in Australia


At True Blue Migration, we’re constantly being asked about the ever-popular 457 visa. Applying for a Temporary Work (Long Stay) visa is often the first step on the road towards starting a new life Down Under. As such, it’s vitally important that you know all of the necessary 457 visa requirements, giving you the best chance of making a successful application and turning your dreams into reality. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to address the most common queries. What is a 457 visa? The Temporary Work (Long Stay) 457 visa is an employer-sponsored visa that allows the employee to […]


What Is TSMIT?

Money wrapped in a bow

  If you’re in the process if researching 457 visas then you’ve probably come across the word TSMIT and might be wondering what it actually means. TSMIT stands for the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold. The Government wants to be sure that 457 visa holders are paid at an acceptable market rate for the work they carry out and that Australian workers aren’t disadvantaged. The threshold currently stands at $53,900, which means that anyone on a 457 visa must be paid at this level or above. This is based on a standard Australian working week of 38 hours. An employer […]


457 Visa or 187 Visa

  *UPDATE: The Government recently announced plans to abolish the 457 visa program as of March 2018. To discuss your options, contact us on (WA) 08 6189 5333 (VIC) 03 9038 9070. If you’re trying to weigh up your Australian work visa options then you might be wondering whether to go for the 457 (Temporary Work) Visa or the 187 RSMS Visa. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the key differences between these two visa subclasses. If you are eligible for both types, most people find that the 187 visa has the most benefits. There is also an option for […]


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