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Providing an Assurance of Support

Parent visa

For some visas, including parent visas, an Assurance of Support (AoS) must be given. This is done through Centrelink, separately from the main visa application. It’s designed to ensure that new migrants do not require social welfare during their initial years in Australia. Generally, you are requested to provide the AoS at the end of the visa process. Anyone can be an assurer as long as they are over the age of 18, an Australian resident and based in Australia. How does an Assurance of Support work? The assurer needs to prove that they earn enough to provide for the […]


Medicare on a Visa

Medicare for Visa Holders If you’re applying for an Australian visa, you’re probably wondering what your healthcare entitlements are. Australia has an excellent public health system, but not all visa holders are covered by Medicare. Some people are required to purchase private health insurance and maintain coverage during their time in Australia. Once you become a permanent resident or Australian citizen you are entitled to free access. Until then, it’s a little more complicated. Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements Australia has reciprocal healthcare arrangements in place with some countries. This means that visitors or visa holders from these places may be able to […]


Sponsoring a Sports Coach on a 408 Visa


  Every year we hear from dozens of clubs and academies wanting to sponsor sports coaches from overseas. The increasing popularity of sports like tennis, badminton and gymnastics means home-grown coaches are often in short supply and club owners have no choice but to seek talent from outside of Australia in order to meet demand for classes, competitions and tuition. Is it hard to sponsor a sports coach? Whether you want to sponsor a tennis coach or a gymnastics coach, certain criteria must be met. The club or academy must meet requirements and the nominee must have the skills or […]


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