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Immigration ‘Asking More’ From 457s

457 visa application

Surge in Further Information Requests for 457 Visas   Rarely a week goes by when the 457 Visa program isn’t in the news, for one reason or another. The scheme – which many employers use to plug skill shortages – often hits the headlines for the wrong reasons though. In 2016, one politician told viewers of ABC’s Q&A that there are more than a million 457s “out there”. A subsequent ABC fact check proved this to be incorrect. In reality, there were – at the time of the comments – just over 400,000 valid 457 visas in existence, but only […]


Temporary Graduate Visa Guide

Applying for a Subclass 485 Visa? We Can Assist You. If you hold your first student visa and have recently completed a Bachelor degree or higher and wish to remain in Australia, you may be eligible for a 485 temporary graduate visa through the post-study work stream. This visa provides full work rights and is an excellent option for graduates wanting to gain post-qualification work experience in Australia. We’re proud to offer a no visa, no fee guarantee on this visa subclass and free consultations. If you’d like to discuss your eligibility, call us on (WA) 08 6189 5333 (VIC) […]


Appealing a Visa Refusal

Has your Australian visa been refused? You may have the right to appeal. A visa refusal can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your migration journey is over. You may be entitled to appeal the decision and ask for a review of your case at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Nearly all onshore visa applicants have the right to appeal. Time is of the essence… When it comes to visa appeals, you need to move fast. Your refusal letter will state how long you have to request a review. There’s generally a 21-day window to apply and […]


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